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Healthy Vending- It's Easy!

When trying to promote health in our schools, businesses and everyday communities, it is critical to look at what foods and beverages are available to the students, employees and public on a regular basis. Individuals turn to vending machines regularly for quick, convenient calories not realizing that they will end up consuming nearly 2-3 times the recommended grams of fat and sugar fore one snack or beverage.

Lighten Up recognizes that making healthy options available and affordable is essential to helping individuals maintain a healthy weight. We urge you to use our healthy vending toolkit to learn how to bring healthier options to the vending machines that surround you
. The change is simple, easy and cost-effective! This change is a necessary first step toward creating a culture of health where we live, work and play.

In partnership with LiveWell Lancaster, LULC has developed a healthy vending toolkit that provides guidelines for what's considered healthy in your vending machine, how to work with your current vendor, best practices, sample vending policies, Lancaster County success stories and vending company contact information and availability.

Complete Lancaster County Healthier Vending Toolkit


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Lighten Up Lancaster County Coalition is a group of concerned individuals, organizations and employers, in partnership with Lancaster General Health, who want to increase the number of children and adults in Lancaster County who are at a healthy weight.

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