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Making healthy choices easy and accessible to all involves a community-wide change. Not only do we, as a Coalition, strive for healthy changes, but we focus on creating sustainable and environmentally friendly shifts as well. Creating a lasting change will lead to a lifestyle of health, not just temporary adjustments, that will benefit us as well as future generations.

Our teams work hard to develop and implement realistic, healthy policies at all levels of our community structure to ensure that individuals have healthy options in their environments. The coalition also powers numerous initiatives that are structured to create a community-wide impact such as the development and maintenance of community and school gardens, bicycle-friendly businesses and farm-to-school/work programs.

Beginning in September 2011, Lighten Up Lancaster has been fortunate to partner with LiveWELL Lancaster County to adress the obesity epidemic in Lancaster County. LULC strategic working groups help develop, implement, and promote policies and programs that make healthy eating easy in Lancaster County. LULC's approach to adressing healthy eating in Lancaster County includes:
  • Developing a healthy vending toolkit
  • Disseminating Lighten Up Lancaster and Tobacco-Free Coalition of Lancaster County's Well Workplace Award
  • Bringing farm to school programs to Lancaster schools
  • Developing healthy celebration policies within schools and workplaces
  • Bringing CSA to institution programs to workplaces
  • Continued tracking of healthy eating policies within Lancaster County schools, workplaces, and other community organizations.   
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Lighten Up Lancaster County Coalition is a group of concerned individuals, organizations and employers, in partnership with Lancaster General Health, who want to increase the number of children and adults in Lancaster County who are at a healthy weight.

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