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The mission of the Lighten Up Lancaster Coalition is to increase the number of individuals in Lancaster County who are maintaining a healthy weight. Excess body fat is the #1 risk factor for serious health issues including type-2 diabetes, join pain, chronic respiratory disease and high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease and several types of cancers. Experts agree that even a 5-10% weight loss will significantly reduce ones risk for obesity-related health issues. Not only are many adults overweight and obese, but 20% of American youth are also at-risk for obesity. Although the battle has just begun, we can forsee that health complications for overweight youth could be life-compromising by the time they reach adulthood. It is up to us to establish healthy habits for our children and be a role model for healthy behaviors.

We know that eating health and getting regular exercise will help us maintain a healthy weight. However, temporary changes in diet and exercise are not enough to make a change. We must adopt overall lifestyles that promote healthy habits. Lighten Up Lancaster County Coalition aims to help make healthy choices the easiest choice by providing education and tools on healthy eating and physical activity. We also strive for policy change in these areas to ensure all individuals have access to healthy options.

To learn more about the obesity epidemic and it's many implications, visit the Center for Disease Control's page about childhood obesity.


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Lighten Up Lancaster County Coalition is a group of concerned individuals, organizations and employers, in partnership with Lancaster General Health, who want to increase the number of children and adults in Lancaster County who are at a healthy weight.

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